Simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship makes each piece of Stillark furniture find its natural place in every home. 

For the kitchen and beyond


Rugs are a great way to add colour to your interior. Stillark... 

Stillark Gable Series

Stillark's Gable Series combines elegant and robust. Whether it being a stool, table or a shelf, the gable itself is what makes the furniture robust. The lightness of the construction gives the Gable Series its elegant and balanced expression.

Stillark Lighting Collection

Stillark's Lighting Series is designed to outlast fast-moving trends and fit seamlessly into any room of the house where you are in need of precise and pleasant light.

Colour Cabinets

Stillark's Colour Cabinets make an impression everywhere they go. Painted in two of Stillark's signature colours, it will store and display your favourite things at home, adding warmth and personality to your space.